Transforming Healthcare in Maldives

Improving the safety and quality of care

What we do

Help organisations to continuously improve the quality and safety of care

Develop safety and improvement skills and continue to provide expertise

Establish mechanisms to ensure that you have systems to measure and monitor safety and improvement

Analyse data with a focus on identifying best practice

Establish mechanisms to ensure that you have systems to measure and monitor safety and improvement

BestCare Maldives will fill the gap in patient safety and quality improvement capacity, capability and expertise.

Every health and social care organisation is committed to safe and high quality care but are limited by the lack of expertise in safety and quality improvement. It is this gap in your organisation that BestCare Maldives aims to fill.

Patient safety and quality improvement training and support

Implementing patient safety and quality systems

Data Collection and analysis


BestCare Maldives is an organization focused on improving the quality of healthcare and social care in the Maldives. We partner with healthcare organizations to provide services that help them improve and maintain the quality and safety of care they provide to patients.

BestCare Maldives recognises that managers and clinicians involved in the care of patients face challenges in improving the quality and safety of care provided, despite each service being deeply committed to quality and safe care. We recognise that the expertise required in quality improvement, patient safety, and risk management is lacking in the Maldives.

That is why our primary focus is on helping organisations build their capacity in improving the quality and safety of care, to benchmark their services, and to share their ideas. Our aim is to facilitate the spread of high quality and safe patient care and excellence for the benefit of all individuals.

BestCare Maldives is an initiative by Dr Faisal Saeed and is supported by an excellent team of doctors committed to improving patient safety.


“From zero safety to safety first”.
The above statement is in short the revolution that Dr Faisal Saeed brought to the operations of ADK Hospital. He is indeed the champion of patient safety in the Maldives.”

— Ahmed Afaal, Managing director, ADK Hospital

“Dr Faisal Saeed has been the pioneering force introducing quality assurance perspectives in to clinical care in the country.
He is instrumental in setting up initial framework on good governance, quality standards, patient-centered services, patient-safety monitoring/reporting, incident management system and patient engagement activities at ADK Hospital. This is the ground work we need to build-up on to deliver on our pledge of delivering safe care to our patients and ensuring safety of our workers.”

— Dr Abdulla Niyaf, Chief Medical Officer, ADK Hospital

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